Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Urban Legend "RV"

I'm not sure who is the author of this funny legend. Anyway, it seem that is quite old because it dates back to 1970.

Cruse Control

Year 1970
John saw an advertisement of RV’s in the newspaper with some new and cool features. The price was right and it was time to finally explore world john’s way. He was exited about that whole deal; the price was right and the monthly payment affordable. He checked his watch saw on the map where they are located and without a word to his wife he head out to dealer.
At the dealer John looked and the RV’s. The salesperson explained to him about some cool features that those RV’s have and all kinds of other goodies. John finally made up his mind to the one that he liked the most. He picked the biggest with most space and of course with a new feature called cruse control. Salesperson was very enthusiastic about this new invention and said that once you drive sixty miles an hour on the highway you just press this button and RV drives by it self. He went over with finance person about monthly payment and down payment. Then he signed papers and then the dealer hand over a set of keys to his brand new RV.
John drives off with a smile on his face. The salesperson and finance guy were outside waving their hands while John was making his turn toward highway. With smiles on their faces they went inside.
John was so happy that he could not resist to checks some of the features that the RV has. He took a ram exit off the highway and headed toward Jewel store for supplies, mainly food. He filed his cart to the tope but that was not enough so he paid once went to RV unpacked and came back to do more shopping.
When john was satisfied with shopping he turn ignition key, put gear in to drive and head out toward highway. He drove away from the city and the road speed sine changed to 65mph. The road was pretty strait. John pressed the cruse control button, satisfied that the RV drives by it self, he stand up from the driver seat turn and went to kitchen to make a sandwich. He almost finished but the road curved a bit and when John move forward and it in the instant he saw that the truck head strait toward railing. The initial impact, knock him down to the side, hitting his head over the hanging kitchen shelves and that was it.
Few hours later firefighters manage to pull him out of the mangle RV. He was dizzy with few scrapes but otherwise fine. While the paramedics roll him on to the ambulance they asked him what happened, so he told them that cruse control stopped working. The paramedics look at each other with a weird look and asked if he has headache but john said he is fine started to explained him self again that he turned cruse control switch and went to the back of the truck to make himself a sandwich, but then when he was going back to a driver seat, cruse control stopped working, and then RV flip over. The paramedic could not resist laughing; they laugh so hard that John got a bit nervous and asked them what’s so funny. Then they said that maybe he was misleader into thinking that his truck had an automatic pilot.
Author Unknown.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Final Cut Pro ShortCuts

I'll post some final Cut shortcut that I often use to cut down on mouse movement:

a - Selection tool
rr - Ripple tool (by pressing twice rapidly the Ripple took let you contract and expend time line.)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Beginning

I thought that I will start of my blog with a few funny urban legends that caught my eye and I thought they were funny. So here we go...

Letter "R" for race

For hers 18th birthday, a girl in southern Indiana got new car from her parents. That night, she picked up some girlfriends and they went out cruising. At a stoplight, they came alongside a Ford Mustang driven by a guy about the same age as the birthday girl. The drivers gunned their engines and decide to race. The light turn green, and with a roar of engines, they Mustang and the new car took off. After a few hundred meters, the Mustang pulled ahead.
"we're losing" the girls in the back seat complained.
"Don't worry. This car is equipped with a special gear-"
"hmm... What special gear-"
But before the girl in the back could finish, the driver shifted up. The transmission emitted a sickening grinding sound before the car spun out of control and slam into guardrail. Miraculously, no one got hurt.
"you moron" they girl in the back seat shrieked. "What did you do?"
"Ohh... What... Nothing," she replied. "All I did was put it in 'race."
"Race!? There's no gear for race, idiot!"
"Oh yeah? Then what does the R stand for?"
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